Friday, August 14, 2009

Finished number 3

I finished my third little card holder. I have quite a few more to go, but I have to take a break because tonight I have some magnets to make. I went to hang some papers on my fridge and didn't have a magnet to use, so I decided to make some. Hmmm, now what kind should I make? I guess I will have to dig in my stash of stuff and see what I have. Then I have to go back to work, long work week this week. Atleast I have a job though. I will post my magnets for you next time I get a chance.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I finally sat down and worked on the project that has been "sleeping" on my table for about three weeks. I received the directions for this a few weeks ago from my aunt and my mom. This is the picture of my first attempt at it:It turned out so cute!!! I am going to make a whole set to hold and organize all of my cards that are just piled in a box. I am also using my favorite papers from The Angel Company also, Hemmingway. I just love these colors, I will probably have to order more if I am going to finish a whole set.

I made some changes to the directions before doing my second one, I wanted it to have more support on the tops instead of just the angled sides.

Here are the two I did together, can't wait to get more done. Then I can put up this little shelf I have and line them all up. The first one I made was a little challenging, but the second one took me no time at all.
I also sat down at work (shhh, don't tell) and made directions for them including the changes I made. Hopefully this is large enough for you to read.

You want to cut a 12 x 12 sheet down to 8 1/2 x 12 inches, save the cut of section, you will use some of it later. The blue lines below are all score lines. The read lines you can just draw in with a pencil right now and also small pencil marks at the arrows along the top.

You want to score the green lines below. It is easier to do it before you cut the small red lines and the corners.
After you finish the above step, your paper should look like the one below. Then cut the rest of the lines marked in red. I folded along all of my score lines at this point. The side facing you is the inside of the project.
Place adhesive on the tabs marked in yellow(side facing you) , fold over and adhere. This provides extra support on your top and back of holder. FYI - I used the red super sticky bologna tape. This held the project together much better. I also placed all my adhesive on the project first and then just peeled off the red strips as I went along.

From your spare piece of cardstock cut a 2x4 piece and score as indicated below. This is your front piece. Below I marked how and where I applied the adhesive. The green mark is adhesive applied to the side facing you and the yellow is applied to the side that is faced down. The dark yellow is where I first attached the small 2x4 piece.

I hope these directions were not too confusing. Let me know if you tried one, I would love to see it.