Friday, October 30, 2009

Rodeo Flag Book

Told ya it wouldn't be long til I posted again!!

Now that I can work on my 2009 pics I decided to do another flag book for some of my rodeo pics. If I put them all into a regular scrapbook it would take up half of my scrapbook. The flag book can fit atleast 56 2x3 pics and more if you use some of the inside cover space.

Here is the start of the book. I finished the outside and the inside covers.

Inside front cover:

Inside back cover (sorry kinda blurry on this one)

I'm savin the rest until I get the inside done!!! I will also post pics of my first flag book for you next time. I thought it was on an old post, but I just checked and it wasn't there.

Ya'll come back now ya here!!

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