Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Notepad Folder

I hope everyone is having a great day!! We are lucky enough to have a few days of beautiful spring weather to enjoy here before the next cold front comes along.

So I promised a project this week. I was debating between two, but decided on this one because I had all the supplies. This is a notepad made out of a regular school folder. You can make two of these with one folder. I received some pics of these from my aunt a long time ago and just came across them a couple weeks ago, so I thought I would give it a try.

Front (TAC stamp set "Forever" T-2811)


1 paper folder
Adhesive of choice
10 x 12 Inch patterned paper
3 7/8 x 9 3/8 patterned paper (you may need to adjust the size so do not cut ahead of time)
1 x 5 inch patterned paper
5 x 8 inch Notepad

I started with a regular size school folder - a paper one.

Cut it in half - you will only use one side. I used the right side.

Fold in half - it helps if you use a bone folder for the crease

Apply adhesive to one side of outside of folder. Open folder and lay on top of the back side of your patterned paper. Center on the paper horizontally so you have the same over hang on both sides. I lined up the top exactly to the top of the paper leaving an overhang of pp at the bottom only. Press firmly to adhere together. If you adhere the entire folder at one time it will not fold properly.

With only one side adhered, miter the bottom left corner.

Fold left side over and adhere to inside cover.

Fold the right side of your folder over. Apply adhesive. Fold your paper over on top of it and press firmly to adhere.

You will miter the other corner like you did on the left side and fold overhang over and adhere. You see her I didn't center mine and didn't have much of an overhang on the right side. I like to show my mistakes so you can learn from them - like most mistakes with scrapbooking it is fixable.

Attach your second piece of pp to the folder flap. You may have to measure your folder because this can vary slightly.

You can leave a straight edge on the flap or add a little shape

Attach the 1x5 inch pp to the top of the notepad. Embellish your notepad as desired. I used the just a note saying from the TAC set "Trendy Greeting" T-2144. I also matted my notepad on a paper cut 1/2 inch larger than the notepad on each side.

Adhere notepad onto the right side of the inside.( I added a liner to the inside only to cover up the mistake I made earlier, but this is totally optional. I used a 11 3/8 x 9 inch piece of cardstock for this). I also inked all my edges, this adds so much dimension to a project (see picture at top)
Waalaa...your done!!!
After I finished this I had an awsome idea of a pen holder and closure in one that could be easily added with a few adjustments. We will see if it turns out like I have it pictured in my head. I think I will use the other side of the folder for that one and post it for you when I get it done. Using the second side of the folder will require a few adjusments because the pocket is on the other side.
Coming next week : A super simple mini easter basket.

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