Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Notepad Closure/Pen Holder

I promised you all instructions for a closure and pen holder for the Folder Notepad I posted last week. Of course I didn't think of it until I was finished with the first one, so I made another notepad out of the other half of my folder and added the closure/pen holder to it.

What you will need is two large eyelets and one hair band, the covered ones. I bought the ones that were about 1 inch in diameter, for the same project next time I will choose the really small ones because it was a little too long, but I still made it work!!

You are going to punch two holes for your eyelets. One on the front and the other on the back of the folder along the side that opens. Set the eyelet in the hole on the front.

Slip your rubberband through the back hole.
Hook the rubber band around the back of your eyelet.Push the eyelet through the hole and set it. This can be a bit difficult, just remember to push the eylet in as far as you can, it will not go through all the way because of the thickness of the rubberband, when you set the eyelet it will tighten. Walaah, your rubber band is secure. This view is from the inside of the folder where your notepad is attached.

Slide your rubberband through the front eyelet and slip your pen through the rubberband. The rubberband hold the pen and the pen holds your folder closed.

If you have a rubberband that was too long like mine, then just wrap it through the back eyelet like I did above (I actually wrapped mine twice) before putting through the front.
I am totally loving this noteholder because I am forever searching for a pen, now I won't have to.
This week I am working on the mini easter basket tutorial, I should be able to get that up here by the end of the week. I am totally in the spring mood because it is feeling like spring again here after a few days of cold. Can't wait until it sticks around for good.

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