Friday, December 19, 2008

What to do with all those clam shells?

I have accumulated quite a collection of the plastic clamshells that the stamps are mailed in over the last year, as I am sure many of you have. They come in handy for storing embellishments and other items, but there are still so many left.
At the beginning og the school year I made my daughter a dry erase board for her basketball locker from one of the larger clamshells. Many of her friends started asking for them so we decided to make some more for Christmas gifts.

For the front cover I used a paper cut 8 11/16 inches x 5 15/16 inches and rounded the corners. This will fit right inside of the lid under the little edges, it will stay on it's own, but if you attach anything else inside the cover, as I did on the example below, you will want to adhere it first. The paper on the opposite side is 8 3/16 x 5 6/16 inches with the corners rounded. You will have to adhere this securely if you are attaching the notepad like I did.

I used microbeads to cover a regular dry erase marker and attached it with a thin ribbon. Four heavy duty round magnets were adhered to the back of the clam shel using Zip Dry glue (works great and dries fast) so it can be hung in the lockers.

On the example below I used four ID badge holders on the inside cover for pictures and also made four flat marble magnets to match it.

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  1. Oh Janie what a great idea! Thanks for suggesting I visit your blog. I enjoyed it! So how did you put the 4 magnets on?....just with dry zip? What a great idea and the matching pen is perfect! TFS. Bless~