Friday, April 10, 2009

Mini Shopping Bag

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!! We had a great time here, even fit in a trip to the beach.

I have some cute little bags here to show you. This is one of those projects that have been sitting around in my stash for a while. My mom showed me how to do these a couple years ago. I finally disected it and did a sketch for it. I am also going to post this for a challenge in one of my cafe mom groups this month. I just love little bags, they are great for giving small treats.

This is so simple, not one cut is involved with making this bag. Well, unless you don't have an 8x8 peice of paper.

Here is the sketch. Score on all the lines. The angled lines begin one inch from the top of the paper.
Turn the paper with the front down and fold all straight score lines towards you. Look at the below picture on how to crease the angled score marks.

After all scoring, place tape on the upper corners as shown below.

Fold over and adhere to center section.

Place another piece of adhesive above the crease that is at the bottom of the angled score line. That sounds confusing, hey!! Oh well, that's why I take pictures :)

Fold up angled crease again and adhere. Maybe I should just say look at the picture.

This is how it should look now. Repeat with opposite corner. Then turn and repeat with the other two corners.

This is how your bag should look when you are done:
Punch holes to add a handle, embellish and waalaa (is that how you spell it?) your done!!!
Now, time to get back to scrapping!! Getting behind again or should I say "even more behind". I think I will share some of those with you next time.

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