Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another use for TP Rolls

Hey everyone!!! No, I haven't forgotten about you all it has just been a crazy week. Including a flooded out car and a hole in the ceiling in my daughters room.

I found this awesome idea while blog surfing. Making flowers from empty toilet paper rolls. They are so simple to make and are great for embellishing gift bags and boxes. I found the idea on paper jewels

She also had a great idea for making a bind-it-all sour cream treat holder out of the rolls also. I haven't tried that one yet, but I think I will make one and fill it with treats for my daughters teacher next week (teachers appreciation week).

I did the tp roll flower, it was so simple and only took a matter of minutes once I decided on which paper to use.

Here is the flower that I made:

I promise it won't be so long before I post another project this time. I have no plans tomorrow except to get the ceiling fixed, so I am going to get creative!!
Have an awesome week and don't forget about the teachers :)

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