Friday, April 3, 2009

Money, Money, Money!!!

Hope you didn't get too excited, I'm not giving away any money here!! However, I do have great money card for you if you want to give some away. It is made with a business size or a long envelope. I have been practicing with my watercoloring again, I finally bought myself a new set of watercolor pencils. I am really liking the effect vs just solid coloring. I bought a pad of watercolor paper from walmart in their art isle in their craft section - definitely cheaper that the scrapbook store. The watercolor turns out so much better on this paper also.

Here is the front of the card:

The envelope is folded in half to make the card. It is mounted to a piece of carstock for stability.

Here is the inside, just open the envelope to insert the ribbon.

Before mounting the envelope I opened the flap and punched a hole in it for the ribbon.
Lay a piece of ribbon across the cardstock you are mounting the envelope onAs you are adhering the envelope to the paper put the ribbon through the hole on the back of the envelope.
Open the envelope and put the ribbon through the other hole so it comes out the front.

Fold the ribbon across the front of the envelope and add another smaller piece of cardstock. Then stamp or embellish as desired.


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